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About MyCloudMedic

MyCloudMedic is cloud-based and local server-based solutions to hospitals and clinics across the globe. It enhances their efficiency and productivity by automating clinical, financial, operational and management processes.

MyCloudMedic helps healthcare providers like clinics and hospitals digitize and deliver more efficient and higher quality healthcare to millions of patients around the world every day.

MyCloudMedic is a versatile solution specially designed to mitigate low internet penetration by allowing offline usage while synchronisation is done later. This solution comes with highly flexible, configurable and scalable features which easily enhance new options depending on hospitals' future and current needs.

The Data Analysis section in MyCloudMedic solution provides quick insight on hospital's activities in order to enhance decision making for a better hospital-patient experience.

Why Choose MyCloudMedic?

MyCloudMedic is designed to enable hospitals, pharmacy stores, medical laboratories to store and update patients' essential health information from disparate locations, facilitate virtual clinical consultation, and enable exchange of health information securely on the web, anywhere in the world.

Go Paperless

Eliminate all paper documents such as patients' records by automating all processes in the hospital.


Cloud-based system gives users the ability to work from anywhere in the world provided they can access internet.

Data Analysis

Get hospital/clinic statistics in real time and accurately make inferences by several parameters.


Use offline in areas where there are poor or no reach of internet.

Flexible Privilege Assignment

Staff can easily be assigned privileges based their duties and responsibilities

Secured Data

Be rest assured that your data is secured.

More reasons to choose MyCloudMedic

What MyCloudMedic
has to offer you

Measure and Optimise

Access to real-time data and analysis.

SMART Decisions

Enhance SMART access to patients' medical report and make SMART decisions.

Optimise Productivity

Leverage automation flow to ensure optimum productivity level.

Streamline Operations

Use interconnected views to streamline your operations.

Reduce Inventory Leakages

Maximize control over inventory and reorder levels.

Great Patient Experience

Provide a great patient experience and easy transfer of patients.

More features

Realise MyCloudMedic full potentials.

Patient Medical History

Patients and hospitals can easily manages their profiles and medical history.

HMO / Health Insurance Scheme

Integrate HMO and Health Insurance Schemes in your hospital operations.

Hastle Free Customisation

Due to its simplicity, MyCloudMedic takes a short time for hospitals to have their records in the system.

Multi-user & Multi-locations

MyCloudMedic has been consciously designed to allow any number of staff to concurrently use the solution from any location.

Two-Way Synchronisation

To backup the hospital data, MyCloudMedic has been designed to allow synchronisation from LAN to the cloud and vice-versa.

Eye-catchy Interface

MyCloudMedic has been built to create a perfect user-friendly system with an interface that gives hospitals a great experience.

Great patient experience

Provide a great patient experience and easy transfer of patients.

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